Lighting Frames

Manufacturing of custom-made Advertising light frames for your personalized dsiplays.

With a choice of molding colors of Black, Anodized Grey or simply custom, this Snap-Frame type molding is inexpensive and simple to use, in addition to requiring little maintenance and being very economical  in electricity consumption given its low voltage.

You will also have the choice of the temperature of the LED on the standards 3000 k, 4000 k, 6000 k, or even for a temperature or color to your taste, minimum required of course.

Lighting Panels

Based on the same electronic principle as the light frame, the light panel is also available without frame, which allows you to incorporate it into your furniture creations for decorative purposes or if you have your own moldings.

Always with a choice of white or color temperature, our light panels are the thinneest on the market with only 6mm thicknes. Our electronic components are produced exclusively for our light panels and frames, according  to our own very high standards including gold-based electronic circuits and 3 oz. ribbon.

Commercial Display

Wether it’s with our without light, we are able to design in single pieces or in large quantities, your commercial displays in clear or colored plastic, and advise you on the types of material to use in order to give you the best quality price value.

Project Development

Consulting and project management.

We offer a project development consultation service in all matters relating to plastic, regardless of the manufacturing process. De fabrication. With our expertise and experience we are able to deliver your turnkey plastic project without surprises.

Blowing (bottle)
Digital engraving